Professionally cleaned workplaces mean happier, healthier, and more productive staff. People take fewer sick days from illnesses that would otherwise be spread around an unclean office, they work more efficiently without distractions and they can feel more valued when their work environment is beautifully maintained.

Hiring a commercial cleaning agency for your office cleaning is a surefire way to improve staff morale and workplace productivity. The problem – with so many cleaners out there – is how to choose the right one. We’ve pulled together five handy tips for what to look for when choosing between cleaning companies.

1. Cm3 Certification

When selecting a cleaner for your business, opting for a CM3 certified team is paramount. CM3, a Contractor Safety Management system, signifies a commitment to Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements. It ensures the company possesses proper insurances, licenses, and documentation, alongside robust safety systems. At HCS, our CM3 Certification demonstrates our dedication to your safety, making us a trustworthy and reliable commercial cleaner. With us, you can rest assured that safe work practices are our priority, safeguarding your staff and premises.

2. Look for quality cleaning

Above all else, you should be looking for a professional cleaner who delivers quality services. Too often, cleaning companies will promise sparkling cleans but what they deliver leaves a lot to be desired. Bins are left unemptied, cleaning is surface-level, and corners are cut. With a quality cleaning service, you will feel the difference when your office has been cleaned, not be left wondering if an area or service has been forgotten. Look for cleaning companies who are thorough and have strong attention to detail – every clean, every time.

3. Look for reliability

Many workplaces run to strict schedules. A fantastic cleaner is only a benefit to your office if they arrive when expected and complete the cleaning schedule that was planned. Lateness, or even entirely missed shifts, along with unpredictable work quality are signs of an unreliable cleaning company. You should be able to expect your cleaner to arrive on time and perform their job as arranged, to the same level of high quality each time.  

4. Look for positive and trustworthy reviews

Online reviews are a great way to get a feel for a professional commercial cleaner’s reputation with their clients. It’s important to be wary of companies whose reviews are too good to be true, or those that appear to have been written by the company themselves. Instead, look for a commercial cleaner with reviews from genuine customers that demonstrate their strong attention to detail and consistent, quality delivery of services.

5. A Legal Contract
When selecting a cleaning service, a clear and comprehensive contract is essential. It should outline pricing and services, ensuring transparency and preventing inconsistencies. A company that offers a contract demonstrates credibility and can be held accountable for any issues, adding an extra layer of security to the partnership.

6. Look for an Eco-friendly Approach:
It’s important to choose a commercial cleaner that is committed to providing a clean, healthy workspace for your staff while actively contributing to a greener planet. At HCS, environmental consciousness is ingrained in our practices. We utilise earth-friendly products, ensure safe waste removal, and continually proactively evaluate our environmental processes. By choosing HCS, you’re not only getting top-notch service but also partnering with a company dedicated to environmental well-being.

7. Look for quality technology and equipment

Office commercial cleaning has come a long way from the days where all that was needed for a good clean was a mop and bucket. These days, good office cleaners use advanced equipment and technology to manage their bookings, inspections, cleaning, and client reports. The use of up-to-date technology and high-quality equipment shows that a company is determined to produce the best results for their clients, while those whose products are environmentally friendly demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

8. Look for a good price

Although it shouldn’t be the determining factor, the price a cleaning company charges for their services will impact their suitability for your workplace cleaning. Remember that cost is often a reflection of the quality of work delivered. Savings are lost when you hire a cheaper cleaner who does a less thorough and reliable cleaning job.

At HCS Commercial Cleaning, we pride ourselves on being Perth’s most thorough office cleaners. Our GPS tracking and advanced reporting system gives you peace of mind knowing that your workplace cleaning job has been performed to the highest possible standards. Get in touch to find out more and arrange your next commercial cleaning job with our team.



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