Our People

Highly trained, skilled and certified, our considerable team have proven time and again why we are the leaders in commercial cleaning


Since 2008 HCS have been providing Quality Commercial Cleaning Services for Offices, Schools and Government Sectors 

Safe for People  

Our people and the world around us is our responsibility to ensure we use and dispose of products and waste safely.

HCS Capability Statement

HCS Capability

HCS Commercial Cleaning Services are a 100% Australian owned company since 2008.

Our Success is attributed to our dedicated focus on client satisfaction. Our care and attitude are reflected everyday through our people, who are employed for their commitment to excellence and the highest of standards.

With our original origins in the Educational Facilities sector, the company has grown to become a leading provider of Commercial Cleaning services to a multitude of industries, including: 

  • Schools / Educational Facilities
  • Offices / Corporate Sectors
  • Government Sectors
  • Health and Fitness
  • Hospitality

Today HCS Commercial Cleaning has employed over 250 service driven employees and think of ourselves as a team more than just people who work together.We provide our clients with a single point of contact through our dedicated Client Service Managers (CSM’s) or Operations Managers, who are responsible for overseeing service delivery and ensuring that all work is carried out to the agreed specifications. HCS apply leading-edge technologies and management systems together to provide a transparent reporting framework that drives accountability and offers value for money.

Advanced Communication

At HCS we are committed to making sure our performance can be constantly reviewed by the client. Our IT platform known as Swept delivers work scheduling, a client communication portal, inspection updates and work order functions. The system can also be customised for client speciic requirements. In addition, we have strong company buying power and are committed to passing on these savings across all our clients’ facilities. We pride ourselves on helping your organisation achieve cost savings through better operational  efficiencies in every way.

What we do 

HCS advanced cleaning and commitment to client satisfaction is clear with our high client retention rate and tenure.
We deliver quality cleaning services that deliver generate excellent site assessments and ongoing quality checks to ensure services are delivered as agreed Scope of works

Supported by our unique management structure, which provides all clients with a dedicated Client Services Manager (CSM) ensuring all clients, regardless of size, receive our total commitment to the best quality cleaning services. IT platform for monitoring and control and Dedicated Client Service Managers (CSM) or Operations Manager for each site

Our audit and control of service and supply items Maintain compliance throughout our service is designed to inspect the quality of services performed by our personnel to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations.

All services can be managed from your computer, smart-phone or tablet device using our innovative software program, to provide complete  transparency of service

Managing your facility

HCS capably look after your facility through our IT platform and dedicated Management, and compliant personnel.
Our key areas are:

  • Competent and Compliant Personnel
  • Dedicated Site Managers
  • Advanced IT Platform

Our IT platform is designed to inspect the quality of services performed by our personnel to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations.All services can be managed from your computer, smart-phone or tablet device using our innovative software program, Quality Management Control (QMC).We can provide you with a unique client login to place work orders, view maintenance schedules, monitor completion times, inspect and rate the quality of our service delivery, and 

Dedicated site Manager 

We provide a dedicated CSM or Operations Manager for each client. These roles are responsible for ensuring we are delivering our services on the agreed scope of works. They are committed to constantly seeking out areas for quality improvement.. track communications with us.

Fully Competent and Compliant Personnel

Compliancy of high calibre cleaning services delivered through our outstanding team. Trained and certified in HCS Zone and Infection Control Cleaning to provide unparralled cleaning services

Safety and Enviroment

HCS considers environmental impacts and will customise our service delivery to meet legislative and site specific requirements. Our company continues to evolve and develop to meet our clients needs through a cycle of continuous improvement that assures quality and service standards are achieved.

The primary issues that will be considered at all times are:

  • Risk mitigation through the development and adherence to safe work practices Efective Incident management and prevention strategies
  • Environmental protection strategies that are focused on recycling, waste management and waste reduction outcomes
  • Accountability and formalised KPI reporting

HCS focus on attainment of ISO accreditations and prequaliication requirements that are requested by a range of our clients. This process ensures that all regulatory compliance provisions are current and expedites the process for completing compliance checks prior to undertaking work.

HCS acknowledges that effective leadership, communication and personnel engagement are fundamental to not only our business model, but also are key criteria towards retaining our ongoing ISO accreditation. Therefore clients can be assured of our ongoing and real commitment to driving continual quality assurance for all levels of our service delivery.

Service Overview

HCS Commercial Cleaning are a Western Australian based Commercial Cleaning company with a strong presence and established client base throughout Perth, Western Australia.