GPS Monitored 

GPS Service monitoring

Time Tracking

Accurate and location aware

Monitor Performance

Measure staff performance


Support our cleaners, anywhere

Accountability and Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind that your premises are cleaned thoroughly, effectively and efficiently.

Advanced scheduling, GPS Time Tracking, Customised Inspection reporting, every aspect of your cleaning service.. Smart cleaning!

Advanced Cleaning Service

  • GPS Time Tracked
  • Instant Inspection Reporting
  • Live Service Communication
  • 24/7 Onsite Cleaner Support
  • Advanced Building Security

Every aspect of our Commercial Cleaning services are monitored and tracked in real-time to ensure we deliver you with simply the best performance and highest value cleaning service available! 

Perths Leading commercial cleaning providers

Our success is in the satisfaction of seeing all of our clients and team members smile.

SERVICES per week
Employed over

Monitored performance & Inspection reporting

Customised inspections, performance monitoring and reports fast and detailed ..

Customised Inspection Reports

Customised Schedules and Inspection reports to suit your business and requirements. Its your cleaning service.

Details and Images 

Communication is key and photos speak a thousand words, Inspection and service reports are highly and clearly detailed. 

Performance Monitoring

Instant performance monitoring, Service updates and GPS Time Tracking to ensure you receive the most value and highest quality Cleaning service.

Email Reporting

Stay in the loop, our reports can be emailed to you as they happen complete with follow up action and images to ensure your service is always performing at its best. 

Better information means better cleaning

information about the status and health of your cleaning location and cleaners. Track problems reported per location, cleaner schedule variance, inspection information, and more.