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At HCS Commercial Cleaning, we’re committed to quality. As Perth’s most thorough office cleaning experts, our cleaners are trained and certified in infection control cleaning, ensuring that your workplace is not only clean, but safe and healthy for all your staff.

HCS provide completely stress-free management of your office cleaning service. We design a cleaning schedule incorporating our HCS Zones tailored specifically to your premises and requirements.

Office Cleaning Services

We provide a reliable, complete office clean for
over 500 offices in Perth each week.

Areas our team clean include:
  • Meeting rooms
  • Reception / waiting rooms
  • Communal areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens and lunchrooms
  • Outdoor areas
  • Stairwells and lifts

We provide careful cleaning of:
  • Grout and tiles
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Windows
  • Carpets, floorboards and other types of flooring
  • Desks and workspaces
  • Bins, including sanitary supply and servicing

If you’re looking for a specific service that hasn’t been listed here, get in touch. We provide customised commercial office cleaning schedules to cater to each workplace’s unique cleaning needs.

We Clean small and large offices

Each office is unique, with a different mix of uses, staff numbers, and architecture. At HCS Commercial Cleaning, we clean offices of all shapes and sizes, and understand the different requirements for cleaning small, medium and large offices.

Small and Medium Offices

These offices can range from just one communal office room, a lunchroom and a bathroom to several individual offices, meeting rooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and a waiting area. While small offices with more compact spaces can mean that cleaners have more difficulty accessing corners and under desks, small and medium offices take less time and fewer staff to clean than larger ones.

Large Offices

With the rise of communal workspaces and hotdesking, large open offices are becoming increasingly popular for businesses with large numbers of staff. Large offices require more cleaning staff to complete a regular clean, and some very large offices require cleaning to be completed in a series of different zones each week.

Factors that Impact Office Cleaning

In addition to office size, there are several factors that impact office cleaning. One of these is the number of people moving through the space each day. More foot traffic means more dirt, mess and general wear and tear. Another factor is how the office is used and who can access it. In offices where certain areas are available to customers, clients or other members of the public, it is particularly important that the office is kept clean and hygienic through more regular cleans. The same applies to offices that provide medical services or services related to children, the elderly or people with vulnerability to diseases and infections.

Office Bathroom Supplies

Take the stress out of the last minute order, HCS can supply all of your consumable products for your office bathroom, and washroom services. Below is a list of consumable supplies available for your office clean:

  • Toilet Rolls, Hand Towels and Facial Tissues
  • Sanitary Bins and Bin Liners
  • Bathroom Cleaning Products

What to expect from our office cleaning service

Not just clean .. Hygienically clean!

No cross contamination! HCS staff are trained and certified in Infection Control Cleaning and our unique Zone Cleaning. We only use the highest grade products. Our products are chosen for environmentally friendly and safe cleaning results.

Industry Leading Office Cleaning service..

Cleaning requires stringent monitoring to provide the best results consistently. HCS engage the most advanced technology mixed with good old fashioned hands-on management and training to deliver truly leading standards in Commercial Cleaning.

Enviroment and people friendly company

HCS use the highest quality products that are selected for their effectiveness, environmentally friendly and safe to use for our staff and clients 

Better office cleaning

Highly trained staff, advanced service monitoring & reporting, Complete Stress-free management. HCS provide you with a simply better cleaning service. Why settle for less..?

Over 13 years of cleaning experience

Our success is in the satisfaction of seeing all of our clients and team members smile.

SERVICES per week
Employed over

Stress-free Office Cleaning Management

HCS provide stress-free management of your office and work place cleaning services.

Our monitored regular cleaning service provides outstanding high attention to detail and hygienically clean work places.

Every office requires more than just regular cleaning. HCS provide a full range of specialised cleaning services to ensure year round cleaning maintenance and can supply all of the daily consumable items too.
Why settle for less..?

Monitored Office Cleaning

We provide each of our clients with Customised Service Schedule, GPS Time Tracked and Monitored Staff and comprehensive Inspections and reports to ensure we are continually meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Specialised Maintenance Cleaning

Offices and Commercial properties require a complete maintenance program. HCS provide specialised cleaning services to ensure your premises are always at their best. Window cleaning, carpet cleaning, strip and sealing.

Consumable Supplies & Services

Stress free management with HCS.We offer a full range of consumable items and washroom services to make you life easier. Toilet rolls, bin liners sanitary bins and automatic air fresheners .

Advanced Cleaning Monitoring

  • GPS Time tracked
  • Instant Inspection Reporting
  • Live Service Communication
  • 24/7 Cleaner Support
  • Advanced Building Security

Every aspect of our Commercial Office Cleaning services are monitored and tracked in real-time to ensure we deliver you with simply the best performance and highest value cleaning service available! 

HCS Commercial Cleaning 

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