From water usage to chemicals, there is a lot to consider when providing green commercial cleaning services. For businesses looking for eco-friendly cleaners, however, the effort is well worth it.

Sustainability is becoming more important and prevalent in modern business practice, and at HCS we value the environment as highly as our clients do which is why we’re proud to be a leading provider of environmentally friendly cleaning services for businesses.

Does Green Cleaning Really Matter?

The short answer is yes, absolutely! Traditional cleaning products often contain harsh chemicals which can contaminate water supplies, surrounding environments and even have adverse effects on one’s health. Green commercial cleaning has replaced these unnatural and harmful chemicals with equally effective but non-damaging cleaning solutions.

Additionally, green cleaning enhances the air quality within the business worksite. By using solutions that don’t release pollutants or artificial chemicals into the air, you and your employees/colleagues will enjoy all the benefits of a fresh, clean work environment, without the stale, chemical smell many businesses have had to endure from their commercial cleaners.

How Do We Ensure Environmentally Friendly Cleaning?

Products and Chemicals

All HCS cleaners use certified environmentally friendly cleaning products. This includes using products that minimise the release of contaminants and are made as efficiently as possible using raw materials to help conserve natural resources.

Waste Reduction

Our teams are familiar with best practice waste reduction strategies allowing us to properly dispose of all sorts of waste and maximise the amount of waste that can be and is recycled. 


Our cleaners undergo continuous training to ensure an awareness and appreciation of environmentally friendly cleaning that goes above and beyond minimal policy compliance.

Supplier and Client Communication

We are transparent with our clients about the solutions we use and the cleaning strategies we employ. Similarly we work with all of our suppliers and contractors to ensure that everyone is onboard with our green commercial cleaning commitment.

Quality Control

Our environmental objectives and targets are not just theoretical, they’re measurable practices that we continuously document, monitor and review. This allows us to ensure our overall environmental performance is maintained and quality controlled. 

How Can Your Business Be More Environmentally Friendly?

There’s actually a lot you and your business can do to promote green cleaning habits and activities.

  1. Encourage your staff to learn more about green cleaning practices and their importance.
  2. Implement recycling programs and other waste reduction initiatives.
  3. Implement energy efficient practices in the workplace.
  4. Source office supplies and equipment from certified sustainable sources.
  5. Support local and sustainable suppliers.
  6. Choose a commercial cleaning company dedicated to environmentally friendly cleaning.

Let’s Work Hand in Hand To Make the World a Cleaner, Greener Place

HCS doesn’t just wax lyrical about the importance of green cleaning, we’ve built an entire policy and practice around it.

Our green commercial cleaning standards reflect our dedication and passion for helping businesses reduce their environmental impact and footprint. 

If you’re serious about helping create a cleaner and greener world for the future, why not contact us today to discover just how easy sustainable, environmentally friendly cleaning for commercial worksites can be?



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