Many business owners take shortcuts to save on costs, and paying for professional office cleaning services can often seem like a nonessential expense that they can choose to live without. It seems harmless, just a bit of extra dust and mess, when did that hurt anyone? But the truth of the matter is that an unclean office space can dramatically reduce workplace productivity and employee wellbeing. So, are you really saving money, or are corporate cleaning services a worthy investment?

When business owners keep their offices spotless and tidy, it can actually have amazing results, such as improving staff retention, reducing sick days and increasing employee motivation. Read on to discover the many benefits you can experience by choosing the services of experienced office cleaners.

What Are the Benefits of a Clean Workplace?

Reduced Sick Days

Office workers spend the majority of their days at their desk, and if that space is not a hygienic area, then it can have a significant impact on their health. Most people will just dust their desk off every now and then, and think that it looks clean enough – but the fact is that desks carry 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Every day you touch multiple unclean objects around the office – door knobs, handrails, items in the communal kitchen –  and when you return to your desk you touch everything there, and then touch your face.

With so many secretly unsanitary surfaces around an office, it’s no wonder that when someone gets sick, it spreads like wildfire. Thoroughly cleaning the office once a week, and carrying out spot cleaning in between, will ensure that employees don’t catch viruses from one another so easily. Employers may think that this extensive cleaning isn’t worth the money, but in reality, the money lost from people taking regular sick days would be much more. The business owner will save on costs, while also ensuring that their employees are healthier and more productive.

Heightened Concentration

Imagine you’re sitting at work, with piles of paperwork threatening to fall onto your laptop, dust an inch thick across your desk, and any spare space is covered with miscellaneous crumbs and coffee mug stains. It would be a real achievement if you felt any concentration at all in that sort of environment. Office clutter and general dirtiness – such as fingerprints on windows, carpet that was once a different colour, and overflowing bins – can affect everyone’s concentration levels. This is because when you have lots of clutter on your desk or around the office, your brain is forced to try and process all of the things around you, as well as your work. In the end, your mind will wander, and you will feel overwhelmed and unable to focus on your work.

70% of workers feel distracted when their office is cluttered and dirty, and so, by making sure the cleanliness of your workplace is maintained, you will ensure your employees are more focused and efficient.

Lowered Stress Levels

A messy workspace can create stress for any employee, as it makes them feel unorganised and unable to keep on top of the work. The idea that you can see what someone’s mental state is, based on what their office space looks like, is definitely accurate – but what if the person can’t control what their communal office space looks like? Another situation that can cause stress is when the office is so unorganised that employees struggle to find paperwork and end up wasting time searching through piles of documents.

With both the practical issues associated with a messy office, and the psychological effect that it can have on someone, it’s definitely an important issue that needs to be addressed. When employees walk into an office that is clean and free of clutter, they will feel much more at ease, and they won’t have to worry about all the cleaning that needs to be done. It will create a clear, calm headspace for your employees.

Improved Motivation & Morale

A workplace can be like a second home for employees, and the aesthetic appeal and feeling of the space can greatly influence their wellbeing and mental health. A clean and tidy environment boosts employees’ moods and makes them feel happy, welcome, and more cared for by their boss. When employees are looked after, they can become more motivated, and this leads to higher levels of creativity, productivity, and efficiency. If your office looks well-presented and professional, then employees can also develop more pride in their work and their workplace. All of these factors contribute to a higher employee retention rate, which is also good for business.

Quick & Easy Ways to Keep Your Workplace Clean

  • Ask employees to wipe down and sanitise their desks after work each day
  • Focus on cleaning the equipment that everyone uses regularly, such as printers and communal kitchen equipment
  • Create a clean desk agreement, which prevents staff from hoarding too much clutter on their desks
  • Make sure employees don’t eat at their desks
  • Encourage staff to use air fresheners
  • Remind everyone to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly
  • Suggest that employees get a small rubbish bin and a paper organiser for their desk if they struggle keeping things tidy
  • Don’t expect your employees to be your cleaners – choose a reliable corporate cleaning company to do the bulk of the work

Invest in Efficient Office Cleaning Services

If you’re a business owner who operates from an office space, and you want to create a more efficient and happy workplace, then a simple cleaning could be the answer. The best way to ensure your office space is hygienic and thoroughly cleaned, is to hire the services of professional office cleaners. HCS Commercial Cleaning has been operating since 2008, and we provide perfect results for over 500 offices in Perth every week. All of our staff are expertly trained, and are committed to creating sparkling clean, safe, and healthy office spaces for every business. If you’re ready for an office that your employees love coming to – then get in touch with our friendly team today.



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