Many people love going to the gym regularly, and are disappointed when the gyms are forced to close every time there is a lockdown – no one enjoys working out at home with makeshift equipment and family members watching in the background. The frequent Covid restrictions have not only made people appreciate going to the gym more, but also opened their eyes to the importance of cleanliness at their local fitness centre. Gyms are a breeding ground for germs, and if you own a gym, it’s your responsibility to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and look after your customers’ health. 

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Gym?

  • Gyms breed germs:

Unfortunately, gyms are one of the main places where germs can be spread, as a large number of people go to these facilities at the same time, and often they share equipment. To stop the spread of viruses, it’s vital that gym owners take cleanliness seriously. 

  • Professionalism: 

When your gym is generally dirty, with fingerprints on the mirrors, dust across tabletops, and sweat stains on the machines, then it gives a bad impression to clients. A clean gym will have aesthetic appeal, as well as show clients that you have high standards of hygiene in your establishment. 

  • Duty of care:

You have a duty of care to your customers, and it’s your responsibility to make the gym they visit as clean and safe as possible. Gym owners should have their customers’ best interests at heart. 

  • Maintain equipment:

Making sure all of your equipment is clean and shiny will also help to maintain your exercise machines and keep them working smoothly. 

The Best Ways to Keep Your Gym Clean and Hygienic

  1.  Use High-Quality Products

Choosing the right cleaning products is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your gym is cleaned properly. You should use cleaners that will disinfect all the surfaces thoroughly, while also making everything look shiny and new once again. To do this, you will need to do your research, instead of just picking the first thing you see on the shelf. Researching cleaning products can also help you make sure that the products you buy aren’t going to harm the materials in your gym – some cleaners can tarnish seat covers, rust metal and even stain the floor. 

  •  Create a Cleaning Plan

Create a proper cleaning checklist on a whiteboard in the staff room, and make sure employees tick off each task as they are completed – you could also ask them to sign their initials.This will help you get all the employees involved, as you can assign certain tasks to different people. Include cleaning areas of the gym that would usually be missed, such as behind and around the side of machines – germs can travel through the air, so even these need to be disinfected. Make sure you list places like the reception area and the office as well, your employees should be working in a clean and hygienic space. 

  •  Don’t Neglect the Bathrooms 

When you imagine the parts of a gym that need cleaning the most, you will probably think of something like the exercise machines, but one of the worst spots for bacteria growth is actually the bathroom. Gym bathrooms include change rooms, showers and saunas, and these hot, steamy areas are breeding grounds for bacteria.The bathroom is also a high-traffic area, because everyone who visits the gym will use these facilities. You should clean the gym bathroom regularly and thoroughly, to ensure it’s a hygienic place.

  •  Encourage Clients to Help

It’s no surprise that sweaty gym-goers leave behind germs – just think about how disgusting it is to drip all over a yoga mat and then expect someone else to use it too. So, although you shouldn’t delegate your cleaning to customers, you can still encourage them to clean up after themselves a bit. Gym employees may not be able to keep up with cleaning the machines and equipment after every use, and so clients should give things a quick clean after they use them. Just make wiping down the equipment part of your membership policy, and keep things easy by having cloths and sanitiser nearby. 

  •  Do a Thorough Job

If there are unpleasant smells in your gym, don’t just try to cover them up with air fresheners, you should eliminate the cause of the odour. When you’re working on improving cleanliness in your gym, you must clean thoroughly, not just wipe the dust and dirt away and hope no one will look closer. The important thing is to get rid of the germs and bacteria, so you must disinfect everything as well. Once you remove the source of the bad smell, your gym will automatically smell better without the need for air fresheners.

  •  Promote Clean Habits

Encourage clean habits from both clients and staff by positioning hand sanitiser dispensers around the gym, and putting up diplomatic signs in the bathroom to remind people to wash their hands thoroughly. Also, it’s your responsibility to keep the soaps and toiletries stocked up so that everyone is able to stay clean. 

How a Professional Cleaning Company Can Help

Cleanliness and hygiene is more important than ever, and this means business owners need to prioritise creating a successful cleaning regime. If you don’t have the time or the staff to carry out the necessary thorough cleaning, or if you want to ensure that your gym is the most hygienic facility possible, then a commercial cleaning company might be the answer. HCS Commercial Cleaning is an experienced gym cleaning company in Perth, offering a specialised cleaning service that will be designed to fit the requirements of your gym. Our team is trained and certified in infection control cleaning, so we can maintain the optimum cleanliness on your premises during Covid-19. For the best gym cleaning in Perth, contact us today.



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