It’s no secret that children are messy. From forgetting to wash their hands to their uncanny ability to spill paint on carpeted floors, kids can turn a previously pristine home into a hurricane of disarray. Unfortunately, this mess-making magic is amplified at school, where the impact of hundreds of children can be felt in overflowing rubbish bins, filthy classrooms, and frankly unhygienic bathrooms. One of the best ways to minimise the potentially hazardous mess kids can create is to hire a professional cleaning service.

Clean schools are safe and healthy schools

Cold and flu germs can live on surfaces like door handles, shared classroom equipment, and tables for days at a time. Add to this a cohort of children with a lax attitude to social distancing and a tendency to touch every surface within reach and schools can be hotbeds of illness. They don’t have to be. Regular school cleaning can dramatically reduce the spread of bugs, keeping both staff and students happy and healthy.

It’s not just microscopic hazards that are mitigated by commercial cleaning. Spills and rubbish on the ground create trip hazards around the school. When classrooms and school grounds are kept clean, these hazards are removed, minimising slip and fall injuries.

Clean schools inspire school pride

The upkeep of a school can reflect the value that the school places on its staff and students. When a school is kept clean, it can instill a sense of pride in the school community. School pride is associated with increased focus and productivity, giving students better learning and social experiences. The value of school cleaning isn’t limited to those who directly engage with the school, either. Well-kept, clean and attractive school grounds benefit the wider community by increasing suburb appeal and pride in the area in general.

Clean schools are productive schools

A 2011 study from Princeton University proves what most people can attest to: clutter makes it harder to concentrate. Children are distractable at the best of times, so it makes sense to prioritise regular school cleaning to keep classroom spaces clear and tidy, optimising learning, and keeping students on task.

Clean schools are well-maintained schools

Schools are on tight budgets, so their facilities and equipment need to be built to last. While sourcing robust equipment can help, cleaning and maintenance can add years to these expensive investments. When facilities are properly looked after, they last longer. Regular commercial cleaning can help save a school’s precious budget for other important needs.

Clean schools save staff time

Teachers are already overworked without having to add classroom cleaning to their list of responsibilities. By hiring a professional school cleaning service, teachers can concentrate on planning lessons, marking, teaching, and managing their students without the additional worry of having to clean their classrooms.

Is your school a clean school?

From improved outcomes to healthier, happier staff and students, there is no way to downplay the importance of school cleaning. At HCS Commercial Cleaning, we’ve been keeping schools clean since 2008. We’re trained and certified in infection control cleaning, perfect for keeping your school safe and healthy. In addition to regular cleaning, we also offer additional deep cleaning services like window and carpet cleaning. Learn more about our school cleaning services here and make your school a clean school.



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